Build and Share New Levels

You can challenge players all over the world by creating your own brain-teasing levels in the Workshop.

Start building


Become a puzzle mastermind by crafting levels with materials you earn by playing the game. The in-game tools make it fun and easy.

Spend those stars


You'll earn stars in the game that you can use to get new items in the Workshop Store. One day, you might even earn enough to unlock Gold Mini Mario.

Share the fun

Wii U

Once you've built a level, share it with your fellow fans in the Community on Miiverse™. It's as easy as tapping the "Share" button.

Levels you create and share in the Community can be played across both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game.*

Earn tips for your work


Players can tip you with extra stars if they like your work, so do your best!