Tipping Stars

Learn how you can earn in-game tips by creating cool and challenging puzzles. You can also tip other creators and spread the word about your favorite levels.

Join the Community to share, tip, and earn stars


In addition to all the stages in the main game, there's an entire community filled with player-created levels to play. It's as easy as visiting the built-in Community hub.

More levels from the developer


Nintendo will also post new levels weekly to the community, so be sure to check in and download these challenging puzzles.

Tip your faves with stars

Love a level? Give it aYeah!or leave the creator a custom Miiverse message

Give extra stars to community members who create levels you like. Not only is it a fun way to show your appreciation, it also lets them get new items in the store. Of course, you can earn rewards for tipping, too.



You can earn special Miiverse stamps just by tipping creators of the levels you like.

Earn stars and keep creating

You'll earn stars by completing levels, and get one every time someone plays a level you've created. And if other fans really like your level, you can earn even more through tips.

The more stars you earn, the more items you can get in the Workshop Store so you can make even cooler levels!

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